Seven comments

This session is genial and reasonably diverse, depending upon who shows up. Joe, the host, is focussed on Irish material, but as you might expect there’s also Scottish and Cape Breton material in the repertoire, and he’s also into old-timey and bluegrass stuff. The pace is usually quite manageable, Joe is quite kind to those who are just starting out, and the Guinness at the Tranzac is nice and cold.

Comhaltas Session on SOME Wednesdays

In addition to the weekly session on Monday nights at the Tranzac, there is a Comhaltas session (which means educational, and a more relaxed pace much of the time) on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Joe Macklem (listed in the contact info) is the contact for the Monday session and NOT the contact for the Comhaltas session.

Monday sessions cancelled

There are apparently no longer sessions on Monday. I dropped by the Wednesday session last night; it was my second session. Wonderful music, friendly atmosphere. I definitely plan on going back! This month, there is a session on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday instead of the usual 2nd and 4th because of the winter holidays.

New contact info

Questions re: Wednesday sessions and mailing list requests should be directed to Denis Lyons. His e-mail address is as follows (please take out the REMOVE before using the address):

Denis gave me permission to post this info.