Islay Inn

Radnor St, Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland

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  • Schedule: Monday, Thursday.

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Session Monday Islay Inn approx 10 pm

Members of Glasgow Fiddle Workshops assemble for this session after the monday evening classes.

Session is informal, all styles encouraged, feel free to join in - or just come to listen.

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I had the privilege to join in this session once during my short visit to Glasgow. It was lovely! The people were friendly, the music was great, and the atmosphere was just as it should be…

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There is an Irish session on Thursdays, running from 9 till 11 ish.

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There is a new facebook page for the Irish session held on the thursday night, from 9 till 11 approx.
Check facebook for The Islay Inn Irish Session - Thursday Night for info on the sets played.

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Is this session only Irish music, or are other tunes welcome?

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@Ada the Monday session is mainly Scottish with Irish, Cape Breton and some other European tunes. Thursday is mainly Irish, but any tunes are welcome.