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Old Crown, Highgate Hill.

Halfway up ( or down ) Highgate Hill, midway between Archway Station and Highgate Village, directly across the road from St Josephs’, the big church, and just below Waterlow Park and Lauderdale House; with free parking and a large bar with lots of nooks and crannies for a good session.
This is the continuation of the Red Lion and Sun session, which has had to move because of a change of landlord and pub refurbishment.

What time and what day, please?

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I’m going to murder my evil illiterate twin who posted the above query!

Weoff G

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Old Crown Highgate Hill

Sorry, should have said at the beginning, always the LAST Thursday of the month, all other things being equal.

Old Crown

No session in August ‘07.
Keep watching this posting for updates, day and location may change, due to clash with music quiz wallah ( a session that starts after 10pm is a bit late for some folks ).

Change of day at the Old Crown

We’re now going to be on the second Monday of the month, starting from Monday 10th September 2007, replacing the Maddens’ session in East Finchley.
I hope to have an update on the "last Thursday of the month" session soon.

Change of day -again !

We’re now back to the LAST Thursday of each month. Hopefully that’ll be the last change for a while.

Change of day ( 2 )

We’re now on the last Tuesday of each month, to avoid clashing with the new, every week, karaoke session. This will put the December ‘09 session on the 29th - might be a nice change to all the Christmas hooey.

The Old Crown

…has now been renamed ‘T.O.C.’ by Patsy our dynamic new landlady.
It’s still in the same place, just across the road from "Holy Joe’s".

New days; Tuesday TWICE a month.

So; this month, December 2010, second and last Tuesdays.
Next year, 2011, first and third Tuesdays.
Stay alert !

Confirmed new days

First and third Tuesdays of each month.
Open, friendly, non-heirarchical, welcoming.
Well, we try.


So, this guy came across from the other end of the bar and asked what exactly we were playing ? He was himself Hungarian I think he said. We tried to add it all up, and came to the conclusion we had been playing Irish, Scottish, English, American, and French tunes. This just reflects what different people have brought to the session over the years.
Oh, and one of us promptly reached for his fiddle and said "Hungarian ?" and played a Hungarian tune.

Re: The Old Crown

We are currently homeless, and trying to find a nearby and suitable location. It’s the Curse of the Changing Landlord…..
Will re-post as soon as we have a new venue.
Apologies in advance to anyone who turns up before we locate a new site for our music-making

Re: The Old Crown

This session has stopped until the organiers can find a new venue. Pity as nice pub and nice musoes

Re: The Old Crown

They are turning it into a sports bar.