Rising Silo Brewery

2351 Glade Road, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

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Session at the Cellar

The Cellar in Blacksburg,VA holds a pretty nice session on the third thursday of every month. There are usually 5-10 people there with a good mixture of instruments and lots of talent.

Still going on?

I’m interested in going to this session, is it still being held?

Yes! Five years and running.

Yes, the Session at the Cellar is still going strong after 5 years. You can find more info at www.irishinthenrv.org or on facebook at IRISH IN THE NRV.

Re: The Cellar

The Irish in the NRV session is now at the Rising Silo Brewery, 2351 Glade Road, Blacksburg, second Saturday of the month, 6.30-9pm.

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