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I went out to night with my wife to watch/listen/see ASLAN 2 hrs waiting for them to start . How dare they keep me waiting after one song and two spilled pints I said enough is enough . I left the gig and went to a session , I walked in the door of the session and heard the refreshing sound of the piper singing a song that was without doubt close to his heart. Tunes of the highest order followed. Rhythmic flute ,tight fiddle and banjo playing accompanied by some special bouzouki playing with the piper just waiting to join in and lift the session to a new high. And yet they all had time for a smile and a welcome . I just hope the rest of the world can see this for themselves sometime because this is what its all about and I hope one of these days i can name these musicians(if they let me) .
Just felt like sharing this with ye all

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A friendly event

According to a sign in the bar, at least a few of the "regulars" are with a terrific Cork band called (appropriately) The Ceilidh Allstars.

In spite of their high level of musicianship, the "regulars" played all tunes at a moderate pace - a good setting for learning new tunes "by ear."

A few days later, we came across a CD promoting Feile Duthalla 2008, which contains two rollicking tracks from The Ceilidh Allstar’s CD "Magic Nights in the Lobby Bar." It made me appreciate all the more that these musicians would hold tempos down to "learning speed" at the session.

The bar is within easy walking distance of dozens of B&B’s on Lower Glanmire Road.

Another one bites the dust! This pub is due to be demolished any day now.

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