The Fig And The Pheasant

52 Stafford Street, Plymouth, Wisconsin, USA

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52 Stafford

This is a very friendly session! The hours are 7:30-10:30 pm every Wednesday night. Instrumentation varies, but there usually are fiddles, guitars, whistles, flutes, banjos, mandolins, bodhrans and concertinas; and singers. Come spend an evening with us!

Looking for a Bodhranist


I’m a member of the Celtic band Green Tea out of Stevens Point, WI… We just recently lost our Bodhranist… He decided to move to Ireland for good. We are interested in finding another….is anyone interested? Or…does anyone know where else we could look?
We have all of our own sound equipment and we (4 members) play violin, mandolin, tin whistle, guitar, and harmonium…
Please contact me @:

52 Stafford

Just an update to let you kow that the session is still going strong every Wednesday except Christmas day.

The format is stil the same, round robin, and everyone is welcome. Free drinks to the session members provided by the landlord.

Mike Keyes

52 Stafford

We celebrate our tenth year of weekly sessions this year (it might be eleven, we don’t really remember.) We have a great venue, good music and a great landlord who is very generous with his drinks. The food is pretty good too.

52 Stafford

Ten or eleven years of lovely music.
For those who want to express their love of the music, or those trying to learn. You always have to listen first.
All players are welcome.

52 Stafford

Just an update, we are still going strong. In October we will have our tenth anniversary celebration. (We did it last year and then realized it was only nine years so we will have it again, keep checking this thread out.)

Suitable for beginners, all are welcome, the landlord provides the drinks.

Mike Keyes

This session sure has ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. :D

This session is definitely still happening. 🙂 I was just there last week, and it’s a fun session. I would recommend not bringing sheet music, but that’s just my two cents. Some of our members play from sheet music (even in the session *gasp*) but most do not.

I prefer learning by ear, and would recommend that route as a more accurate way of learning. You learn how it should sound that way, not how somebody else thought it should look on paper. Your mileage may vary.

See you there!


52 Stafford

Still going strong. A lovely session that is open to all. The landlord gives free drinks to all musicians and the food and lodging are great if you want to stay over night.

Mike Keyes

52 Stafford

This session is open to everyone who would like to play traditional Irish music, and meets every week on Wednesday evenings. The music usually gets going around 7:30, give or take.

Please respect the standard etiquette of Irish sessions. Oh, and if you’re playing in the session, the owner will give you one beer on the house.

Re: 52 Stafford

This session is fifteen years old and going strong. It has had numerous entries in the past. It is a very friendly session geared towards all comers. And the drinks are free, as much as you want although we try to not abuse the privilege.

Mike Keyes

Re: 52 Stafford

Hi! I have been learning some tunes and am wondering if you can suggest a few that this group plays regularly? Hope to join in when I am more familiar. Thank you!


Fig and Pheasant Inn, previously 52 Stafford

Session has been going weekly (weather permitting) for about 18 years. 7:30-10:00pm. One of the longest in the state! Come for the food and tunes, and spend the night in one of the comfy rooms. Recently under new ownership. Open and welcoming session!

Re: Fig And Pheasant

We are sad to share that due to the current pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our open session. We hope to resume in the near future. For the time being, we will be offering music in the form of small groups and closed sessions as soon as it can be arranged. We are looking forward to a 20 year anniversary “blow out” this Fall 2020! Stay tuned!

Re: The Fig And The Pheasant

Good news!! Our session is now back open! Many of our regulars have returned and a few new folks have joined us. Bring a mask along, in case the COVID climate changes. We respect the decisions of the owners as far as COVID protocol. Currently if you are vaccinated, masking is optional.