Tanswell’s Commercial Hotel

50 Ford St., Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

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Session at Beechworth

This session is held at Tanswell’s hotel Ford St. Beechworth on the last Sunday of every month at 2 pm. It has been going for a year now and attracts 10 to12 players. If you are in town at this time please drop in and say hi or bring your instrument for a play.

Session at Beechworth

This session has been running since 2006. We usually have 8-10 players, with an occasional visitor on range of instruments. We like to think we are user friendly and accommodating of all levels of skill. We welcome visitors especially, and like to ensure that everyone gets a turn to choose a tune.

Session at Beechworth no longer?

I stopped by on a last Sunday several months ago. There were no obvious players and the hotel staff didn’t seem to understand what I was asking about – maybe this session hasn’t been happening for quite a while. However, it was in the open-and-closed-and-open-and-closed-again period of Covid restrictions, it could have just been that. Anyone have more definitive info?

Moved to Hotel Nicholas, 3rd Sundays

Further sleuthing has revealed that this session moved to a different pub in Beechworth: Hotel Nicholas, in the courtyard. Third Sunday of the month.

I went last month and found a very friendly and welcoming group of 10 to 15 players across many skill levels. Really fun!

Re: Tanswell’s Commercial Hotel

What time? I’ll be in the area Sunday 27th March and would like to drop in for a few tunes

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Re: Tanswell’s Commercial Hotel

Oh - I see it’s 3rd Sunday, too bad.

The Hotel Nicholas website says :
The Acoustic Sunday Sessions
1st Sunday of the Month
4.00pm - 8.00pm

Celtic Session
3rd Sunday of the month
Starts 1pm

It’s like they’re conspiring against me.

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