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Alberta Street

Sorry, I was too thick to select multiple days, but there is also a session Tuesday night.

Sessions start around 9PM and run untill around closing at midnight.

The Friday Irish session is mostly advanced players and tends to be pretty fast. Very high quality.

The Tuesday Irish session is slower and consists of mostly intermediate players. Friendly to beginners, sheet-music tolerent.

This venue also has Oldtime/Bluegrass sessions.

Change to alberta street sessions

the tuesday irish session is no more. the word is that it will be replaced by a sunday afternoon/evening session sometime after the beginning of 2003.

Sunday session is on

The sunday afternoon session is on. Starts around 3:30.

Sunday session is gone

the pub is doing other things with its sundays now. (sigh) but the friday session is still very much alive.

Change of time

The Alberta Street Pub Session is now 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm every Friday until further notice.

Pub changed hands

It’s anyone’s guess whether the session will be reinstated at some point.