South London Irish Club

140 Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, London, England

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This session occurs on a monthly-ish basis. Forthcoming sessions are scheduled thus:

22 June
27 July
17 August
21 September
19 October
23 November
14 December

I’ve been twice, and enjoyed fine music and great hospitality!

27 July 2007

I had a fab time!
Thank you!!!


I now understand that the Decemeber date is:
21 December

Next session…

…is set for 18th January.

Feb and March dates

Forthcoming sessions are set for:

29th February
29th March


Sorry that should be:

29th February
*28th* March

(both Fridays).

Dates for the rest of the year…

…go like this:

9th May
6th June
18th July
22nd August
19th September
24th October
21th November
19th December

(all Fridays, natch).

mmm…I must try to get along soon, if they’ll have me. Is it worth it Ed?

Sure, Danny. I’m intending to be at the next one myself - let me know if you’re coming.

I’d better get my exit visa from Catford, and my entry visa to SW London sorted out then……….

Thanks Ed and others, had a very nice time. Some great tunes, and a load of brilliant musicians.
In the words of the Terminator, "I’ll be back!"

Amendment to August date

The August session is now scheduled for 8th August (not 22nd).

Wimbledon 19th

Hi Ed,
I think I’ll be coming along this Friday, with a couple of friends.
Might see you there.

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Hi Cath,

Sure - we’d be pleased to see you. Doesn’t tend to start before 9.30.

Next session…

…will in fact be on 12th December.

Next Wimbledon Irish Centre Session?

Hi Ed,
Happy New Year,
do you know when the next one’s happening?

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Next session(s)

And a Happy New Year to you Cath!

The management are now aiming to have the session on a regular predictable schedule - specifically, the last Friday of each month. I believe there will only be one exception to that in 2009.

So the next one is on 30th Jan.

South London Irish Association

Hi Ed,
Is the next session on Friday 27th February?
I’ve no cold and no commitment so I should be able to attend.

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Feb session

So my sources inform me! See you down there…

Cath, ds ist gut!

I want Guinness and no random ukulele players…
Ja! Das ist gut!
Shave your parrot in preperation…

2009 sessions

27 March
24 April
29 May
26 June
31 July
28 August
25 September
30 October
27 November
18 December

Phew! What a night!

Fab time at the old club on Friday! Place was absolutely roofed. Finally got a seat. Great enthusiastic playing. Ed & Pat the "tune machines"! Not put off too badly by the Country & Irish duo’s MIDI bass lines bleeding in from hall next door!
And what is "Bora: Irish Vodka" when it’s at home?!

This is the same but translated via Google Translate:
Fab am ag an gclub d’aois ar an Aoine! Áit a raibh díon fíor. Ar deireadh, fuair suíochán. Great imirt díograiseach. Ed & Pat na meaisíní tune ""! Gan a chur amach freisin go dona ag an Tír & duo Gaeilge ar línte Bass MIDI bleeding i halla ó dhoras eile!
Agus cén "Bora: Gaeilge Vodca" nuair atá sé sa bhaile?!

October date amendment

Please note that the next session is on Friday 23rd Oct, rather than what was listed above.


any sesh tonight,or was last fridays instead of tonight? billy

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just rung the irish centre and there is no session tonight due to a wedding…..last fridays which i couldn’t make was instead of tonights,which i could have made…merry christmas everyone

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2010 sessions

This year’s sessions start off this Friday. The dates for this year are:

Jan 29
Feb 26
Mar 26
Apr 30
May 28
June 25
July 30
Aug 27
Sept 24
Oct 29
Nov 26
Dec ?? - TBD

Phew! It’s a scorcher…

Had some good late Friday evening tunes at the club this week. I arrived with Mark (banjo/ fiddle) and Peter (lovely hair/ voice/ six string devil) on a hot and close night from the Kilkenny and joined the usuals and the not so usuals at the old club including Brendan on pipes, flute, banjo, six string devil, Pat on box, Billy on banjo, Alvin, Nick, Tony and others…
I’d like to thank Billy for acting as taxi driver for us when we left to find the impossibly secluded SW19 party…

Thanks to all at the Irish Club.

SW19 Irish Club: Next session Fri 28 Sep 2012

Roll up! Roll up!
Come to the Irish Club in SW19.
The quaintest & most old fashioned styled sesh for miles. Great cheapo bar! Fab atmosphere!
Fri 28 Sep 2012 from about 9 pm.

Is The session on tonight?

Thinking of popping down, undecided as yet due to a) Cold weather and b) hangover from last night. If any of the Wimbledon Massive could reply a.s.a.p, that would be good.

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Thanks for getting back to me guy n gals…..

Session was on but I didn’t find out out until too late. Never mind, See you all soon….. Billy !

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Re: South London Irish Club

Last Friday of the month, according to the Club’s website.

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Re: South London Irish Club

Session here this Friday!

Re: South London Irish Club

Very excited to see this (albeit a day too late). How’s it go?

Re: South London Irish Club

It happened. About eight musicians (and about ten others) sitting around tables playing sets of tunes, drinking stout and beer and talking relevant stuff/ usual nonsense.
Bog standard seisiún in fact!

Re: South London Irish Club

Session here tonight! Tues 21 Sep 2021. One off Tuesday sesh!