Pepper’s Bar

Gurrane Cross, Feakle, Clare, Ireland

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In addition to the Wednesday session, Peppers is the centre of musical activity during much of the Feakle festival. It was frequented by the late P.J.Hayes of the Tulla Ceili Band and there is a plaque in the wall above where he used to sit.

Actually the session was started by the late P. Joe Hayes whith his good friend the late Francie Donnellan. Francie’s son Mark now leads the session with Cyril O’Donoghue and myself also Paddy O’Donoghue ( one of the founder members of the Tulla Ceili band) is also a frequent participant in the session.

Pepper’s Pub

About an hour and a half from now, will broadcast live from Pepper’s Pub in Feakle, Co. Clare. 7-9 pm Irish time, 2-4 in the Eastern time zone of the U.S. The occasion is that Gary Pepper and his wife are retiring from the pub business. The session at Pepper’s was run by P.Joe Hayes and Francie Donnellan for decades and has continued since their deaths.

The Clare FM broadcast will be available on demand starting tomorrow (and available for a week if it follows the pattern of their other trad shows in the archives).

What I haven’t heard or been able to learn is about the future of the pub. Are the Peppers retaining ownership and just hiring someone to run it or are they selling? Anybody know?

Session and Pub still going

Just got back from 4 days and nights in Co. Clare. Wed night in Pepper’s. The place seemed very much alive and well. I think I overheard that the owner had come out of retirement and was running the place again. It’s an old, cool pub with a delightful turf fireplace in the little barroom and a nice cozy dining area. Good food. Fantastic, tight session, although I only caught 1/2 of it because I was at the set dancing class in the adjacent room.


Still Alive at Peppers

Peppers sessions are still alive and kicking and Gary Pepper is back at the helm. Having retired and leased the pub to someone else he has now returned to help steer it through this uncertain economic times.

A new website has details of what is on (when Gary updates the calendar!)

In the last couple of years I have seen many top musicians in Peppers including Martin Hayes, Ged Foley, Jackie Daly, Seamus Begley, The Healy Brothers, Vincent Griffin, Seamus Bugler and many more.

Very Active, Very Welcoming

I just wanted to pass along that I stopped in during a visit to Co. Clare. The musicians welcomed me to join in. Very friendly group all around – musicians, pub staff, as well as patrons.

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Re: Pepper’s Bar

Still going as of July, 2022.

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