Kells Irish Pub

112 SW Second Ave, Portland, Oregon, USA

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Time and Such

Starts around 6pm ends at 8. The musicians range from beginner to advanced and are all very friendly, the atmosphere is very relaxed and so are the tunes.

whats the start time?

Their website says sess is from 7-9. Do ppl come in at 6 or what?

December 22nd?

Hello … will there be a session this Sunday? I’ll be visiting from out of town and would love to attend.

Still going?

I’ve only been playing whistle for a couple of years, but I’d like to get with some other ITM musicians and gain some experience. I only know a handful of tunes, but I’m very willing to learn more.

Is this an appropriate venue for beginners like me? Is it even still happening?

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Went at 7:30 on a Sunday and the hostess didn’t know anything about a session. The restaurant website appeared to be down.

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I suppose it’s time for me to take ownership of this posting, this session hasn’t really been active for a few years; if you go alone expecting music you will be disappointed but they will generally let people play at this time on Sundays if you come with a couple of musicians. However, the staff have not always been very respectful of musicians so depending on who is working you may not get a warm reception.

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Currently, there is a slow session starting shortly after 6, goes for maybe an hour, then faster stuff kicks off and goes till 9ish. (Prior to this, from 4-6, there’s set dancing called by Maldon Meehan and Phil to a live ceili band. Folks welcome to dance but playing is by invite only due to size of playing area and nature of playing for sets.)

One great thing is that during open session, some dancers may stick around and do sean-nos or impromptu sets. And after this session ends, the heartiest souls head down to The O’Neill to play till midnight.

Bad News: If there is a Timbers game, that takes precedent (you can check Portland Timbers Schedule.)
Good News: Happy Hour starts at 7 and goes all night!

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Sunday Sets 4-6 are off for the summer. Will update this when they resume. 6pm Slow/Beginner Session off till further notice.
Regular Kells Sunday Session at 7 (not for beginners) continues.

Kells Irish Pub Session

Sunday eve session, during the summer of 2018, starts around 7 pm.

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Sunday Sets and Beginner Session
At present, there is no plan to resume Sunday Sets at Kells, or the Beginner Session at 6pm. The regular (usually fast-paced) session starts at 7, and if you’d like a beginner/tune learning session, Nancy (usually there) can steer you to some options.
There will be a Set Dancing Class with Battering at The Renaissance School on Tuesday evenings, starting in November.
for more information…

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Is this running summer 2019?


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Do you know if there are any beginner/intermediate sessions for Scottish or Bluegrass music in the Vancouver/Portland area? I just moved to the area and play concertina, piano and mandolin. (But mandolin is a new one.) I’m not quite a beginner for Scottish music and Bluegrass music, but have played in sessions for the last couple years that mainly used sheet music. Any ideas would be appreciated! I would love to connect with some other musicians on a regular basis, even if I have to form my own group.

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Susan says “yes,” so I’m guessing it’s on for tonight.

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Still going strong! Great welcoming session!

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Are there live sessions now that most folks are vaccinated?

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This location of Kells currently now only open Friday and Saturdays with no session…
Sorry! Hoping better days ahead as the neighborhood recovers from last year…(and hi Mike! Just realized which Fahy I’m talking to…)

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This session is currently by invitation. There is a cycling roster of musicians playing every Thursday from 6-8pm. For more info on sessions in Portland, Oregon visit: