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on the second Wednesday of every month.
Maier’s is an old cinema, now a theatre / concert venue located behind the ‘Avia’ gas station just 100m south of the Albisriederplatz. The session is in the lounge and usually attracts at least ten sessioneers and much more.

The AVIS gas station does not exist anymore, so just try to see the bar. This year sometimes the session is not on the second but on another Wednesday, so check maier’s website before coming.

Thanks to the mustard board we had visitots from US and GB already - isn’t that great?

we are two folk musicians from cambridge who will be moving to zurich in september and wondered if this session is still going - where is the website to check details?

It’s usually on a Wednesday but not always, and not always the same Wednesday of the month, so check the "Spielplan" at http:\\www.maiers.ch for the latest details.

Last time at Maiers in Zurich

Wednesday, Dec, 7 the Zurich session will be the last time at Maiers.
The session has to move to another venue.
On Werd Dec 28 we will meet in the suburbs at www.potbellys.ch near the «Sood-Oberleimbach» station, Sihltal-Bahn SZU, Happy Xmas!

Zurich Session

is still looking for a new venue. You might find it or other Swiss sessions at:

Pot Bellys not being as friendly as hoped, we found an alternative: Dublin City, Affoltern am Albis. 1st session will be 30 May 2012.

What’s the current session situation here? I think I will be in Zurich the afternoon and evening of Saturday the 28th, would love to play some tunes. (Or rather, will almost certainly play some tunes, would love it if it were not just me playing by myself in a hotel room.)

Re: The Pub

sometimes on Friday, sometimes on Tuesday nights, ask if you wanna join!