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Patrick Kavanagh session

very friendly session, trad music from all over, but mostly irish. There is a "session book" with dots for all the regular tunes, so that newcomers can join in / learn. Musicians and new tunes from any culture or country are welcome. Beginners ok, although there are no concessions in pace! starts about 9.30 til 11.30pm.

PK sesh

Is this still running? If not, anywhere else reiable Wed nights in Brum for a visiting player?

Patrick Kavanagh’s pub

Small weekly session - around a fireside in winter months - everyone welcome (all skill levels)

Re: Patrick Kavanagh’s Pub

Is this still going?

Re: Patrick Kavanagh’s Pub

Yes, still going - in the back bar

Re: Patrick Kavanagh

Is this still going? On Thursdays?

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