Lally’s Irish Pub

211 Hancock Bridge Pkwy, Cape Coral, Florida, USA

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Our New Session!

This is the new location for the South West Florida ITM community. We used to play at Dwyer’s until they kicked us out:

It’s a modest spot, but warm and welcoming. Our host Chris Lally has children living in Ireland and visits often. He is no stranger to sessions!

Come on down and join us! The craic is mighty!

Our Session has died…Long Live our New Session!

Well, we lost a dear friend the other day:

…but, as every door closes, a new one opens! We’ve already got a new home:

We are lucky and blessed to have found a new home so quickly, let’s hope it sticks.

I also wish I could send you some of our good fortune. I know how hard it is sometimes to replace a good session location.

Perhaps if any of you make it to the South West Florida area you can give us a holler and stop by. We’d love to see ya!

Sessions, like Joe Hill, never die.

First, I want to extend my thanks to the Dwyer family, who allowed us the use of one of the best acoustic stages in Southwest Florida for almost two years of glorious Tuesday evening sessions.

Tuesday Evening at Dwyers was one of the most consistently enjoyable sessions I have ever been to. Of course, it was only the second session I had ever been to, the first being Susanna’s grand gathering at Paddy Murphy’s in Naples.

So I also want to thank all the people who joined us at one time or another, some arriving by word of mouth, some through this lovely website. See you at Lally’s!

Fourth Sunday of every month @ 3 PM

There is also a session the fourth Sunday of the month at 3 PM. We can have a session any Sunday afternoon we like. Please contact me for details.

NOW: 2nd &4th Sundays ONLY

Afternoon Session starts at three, 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month.

Session on HOLD!

This session is on hold and not functional until further notice. Thanks!

Lally’s Is No More

…but he’s teamed up with a box player and they have a lovely new place, details to follow.