250 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Monbulk, Victoria, Australia

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Folk Session

Casual, friendly and open session. Starts around 8pm.

Thanks for the posting, De Vooluff, I’d appreciate any advice on getting to/from Blarney’s by public transport, especially if there is a late bus or something for getting back to Melbourne CBD. Seems like last train from Belgrave is 12.09am

A websearch brought up this gem from 2004:
"The residents of this area of the Municipality have indicated that they have been experiencing problems with regard to noise emanating from Blarney’s Celtic Affair over a period of approximately two years. Factors contributing to the unreasonable noise levels are listed by the residents as:
1. Music that can be heard in habitable rooms of neighbours on most Friday and Saturday nights and public holidays, often until 1.00am or beyond;
2. Music that can be heard within the property of neighbours and in other rooms most week-nights from approximately 6.00pm onwards, and most Saturdays and Sundays from approximately 11.00am onwards; and
3. Loud conversations and music emanating from the ‘beer garden’. "

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Public transport has always been a problem on that side of the hills. Safe to assume you’d need a taxi or to befriend a driver to get to Belgrave before that last train.

Heaven forfend that music might be heard ‘in habitable rooms’… what about the uninhabitable ones? Several years ago, a plastic paddy band I was in used to play there weekly, and amplified.. perhaps we’re to blame. 🙂

"You can hear the cars and the shouts from bars and the laughter and the fights."

Blarneys Now 2nd Thursday each Month

Players and singers of all levels are warmly encouraged.

A lift from Belgrave railway station could be arranged.

Re: Blarney’s

Closed years ago!