Peveril Of The Peak

127 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

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Nice one

Great session this, I’m surprised no-one posted it before. I’ve only been once but had a great time, very welcoming bunch of people. Also got to accompany Cerys Matthews (Catatonia) on a song when she popped in that evening. Apparently it was frequented by Eric Cantona, no less, so if you’re into name-dropping… :

No session at the moment

We went out to this one last night and there were no musicians. We were told the person running it had become ill and the other musicians had stopped coming, so there hasn’t been any music for about a month.

Please keep us posted if anyone is going to be playing again as this is a great pub and Tuesday is a good night.

Manchester Peveril Tonight

Sorry about the short notice but the session at the Peveril of the Peak is on tonight starts 9:00 ish, alas not with Bernard, but if you want it to continue please come along and play.
This will be my last session for a bit as I’m having some medical treatment and it would be nice to see the session continue.

All the best



The session is still going.


Just about going!

There were four musicians there including me last night

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Go/no go

not sure if it’s still going, think it’s a bit hit and miss and the musicians contact each other if they’re going out for a tune. Prob not one to drop in on the off-chance.

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