The Rambling House

4292 Katonah Ave, Bronx, New York, USA

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Best Open Session in the Bronx

Amazing session that I’ve had the joy of sitting in on for a couple years. Used to be held at The Hibernian on McLean Avenue, in Yonkers, but despite it’s 5 block move is still headed by Denis McCarthy, one of the best fiddlers on the East Coast.

Extremely welcoming session to beginners, a lot of "home-grown talent", and probably the best constant energy out of any session I’ve ever played. There really is nothing like a night at the Scrambling House.

But bring your ear-plugs.


what time do things get going?

Is this session still going? what time?

does anyone know if this session still going on? If so what time?

Re: The Rambling House

does this session still exist?

Re: The Rambling House

According to their facebook page there is a session on tuesdays starting at 7pm.