P. Wexford’s Pub

McHenry Blvd, Modesto, California, USA

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P. Wexford’s

This happens the first Sat. of each month starting about 7:30 pm. The sessioners usually eat dinner before the session from about 6:30 pm on, as the food is really good and they have many good beers. It is a friendly session and a lot of fun. Sometimes it is pretty noisy when a lot of folks are in there eating dinner, but it quiets down as the night goes on.

Still running?

Is this session still running?
I called the bar a few days ago and asked about it but whoever answered the line didn’t know what I was talking about.

Yes it is…

First Sat of the month. You can usually check the P. Wexford’s Facebook page and they’ll post the evening’s events.

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…it may be the second Sat, not the first. Sorry!

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Which Sat.?

Actually it usually is the 2nd Sat. But check first anyway, sometimes it is the first Sat.

How to Check

Check out the "Cooking With Turf" Facebook page. One of the members of this band hosts the session and will post on that page what is happening.

First Wednesday of the Month now (10/2014)

The session is now every first Wednesday of the month starting at about 7:30 pm.

Re: P. Wexford’s Pub

This session is dead and long gone sorry. The pub turned into a heavy duty sports bar and the likes of us trad. Irish players was not appreciated. I guess we interrupted important sports events. Oh well…