King William IV

6 Eyre Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

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King William IV Session, Sneinton

This is the regular Thursday night session that has moved from the Mechanics. Good pub with wide selection of real ales. Parking OK and good bus connections.

Went looking for session when we were there in July. Went to Mechanics a couple of years ago and was a great night. Shame we missed you this time round. Good luck with the new venue.

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have noticed elsewhere on web there’s a sessionat the Billy on a Monday - is this separate from Thursday night, or has it moved days? Anyway, am looking for a reliable Thursday session in Nott’m as a visitor in near future: please advise.

Thursday session


Regular Irish Session is always Thursday night. The Monday one is not as regular and I think more an English/Morris sess.

thanks gavshan, see you there early december I hope.

No Scutcher - This session has been a weekly session for ages! Don’t ever believe what you read in the papers!!!!

Glad to hear it, Mikk.

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Re: King William IV

Update on the King Billy.
Every Thursday and starts at 9.00 pm.
All welcome.

Re: King William IV

The session now starts earlier at 8pm every Thursday.