Sir Colin Campbell

264 / 266 Kilburn High Road, Kilburn, London, England

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Sir Colin Campbell Saturday night session

Everyone is welcome to join in. Singers and Musicians. A lively and Friendly atsmosphere. Very near Brondesbury Rail Station and Kilburn Jubilee line. Bus 32, 316, 189, 16, N 16, N 98.

Sir Colin Campbell Saturday night session

Start for 9 pm . Suitable for all levels . Opposite Tricycle Theatre / Cinema .

Kilburn - Jubilee line . Brondesbury - Overground .
Kilburn High Road - Overground .
Kilburn Park - Bakerloo line .

Bus 16 , 32 , 189 , 316 , 332 , 98 , 328 , 206 , 31

Night 16 , 189 , 98 , 28 , 31

A friendly and welcoming Pub . Warm atmosphere . Traditional London Boozer .

Sir Colin Campbell Trad. Irish Session . Friday and Saturday

Sir Colin Campbell , 266 Kilburn High Road N W 6 2 B Y .

Friday and Saturday Night .

Sir Colin Campbell . 6 pm Sunday evening Trad. Irish Session

Every Sunday Evening .

After G A A Games . Start 6 pm approx.

Trad. Irish Music sit down Session .

Folk , Country & Ballad .

Musicians and singers welcome .

Sir Colin Campbell . 7 pm . Sunday Trad. Irish Music Session

Now starts at 7 pm .

Trad. Irish Music sit down Session .

Folk , Country & Ballad .

Musicians and singers welcome .

Any current news

Can anybody confirm if there is nstill a session here on a Friday night?

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Trad. Irish Music Session & Irish songs - Friday , Saturday & Sunday

Acoustic around the Table Traditional Irish Music Sit down Pub Session & Irish Sing along .

Every Friday & Saturday from 9 pm .

Every Sunday from 8 pm .

Thanks folks for the friendly welcome. I did enjoy the sesh, and I’ll try not to be so “worse for wear” the next time.

Friday nights still going…

…well, it was the last time we went. And the barmaid’s got a lovely singing voice too.

Thanks again guys. Enjoyable. I was surprised to see quite a few old faces - both players and non-players. Sorry my playing was so rusty, I’ve hardly played for 4 weeks as I’m just back from holiday (Cuba). Will try to make it on a more regular basis.

Is this still up?

I’m in London for 2 weeks and this could be the only session that I’d be able to hit!

Good man Mick Murphy. And other players, incl. box player Mick, if I recall correctly. Barring my perennial indolence, there is no excuse why this session can’t be a semi regular for me from my Catford cave, as the Overground and Jubilee nowadays make it quite do-able.
Is it still Fri Sat and Sun?

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Re: Sir Colin Campbell

The Saturday night session is 7-10 pm for the time being

Re: Sir Colin Campbell

Friday sessions have stopped so currently
Saturday 7-10 pm & Sunday 8.30 - close

Re: Sir Colin Campbell

Still going, still friendly and welcoming; decent pint of stout too! Recently moved slightly earlier on a Sunday… starts at 7(ish) and finishes 9.30(ish).

Re: Sir Colin Campbell

Hi, is it only Irish tunes that are played here or are Scottish tunes etc played too? Cheers!