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Shipwrights Arms, Hollowshore

first sunday night of the month about 8 - 8.30 pm till closing time. the pub is a wonderful oasis - about 4 miles (and 100 years) from Junction 6 of the motorway M2. the pub doesn’t even have beer engines - it has real ale in barrels on a plank behind the bar. the good news is that it now has mains electricity (so you don’t have to play in time with the generator any more) and that the gents, (whilst still outside), now has a roof. the present landlord (derek) is welcoming and there is a good description of the pub and how to find it at
look in their “pubs” database
quite a small friendly session.

Session move

this session has now migrated to another pub and now happens on the first and third sundays of each month. the new pub is the
Compasses, Sole Street, Crundale near Canterbury. if you want to come, e-mail or phone me for directions - it’s a wonderful pub in the heart of the countryside but not easy to find. or 01795 590374

Session Move

this session has migrated to The Rose and Crown, Stelling Minnis. Still the 1st and 3rd Sunday from ~ 20:00.

And yet another migration ….

after various wanderings, it seems possible that this session will continue on 2nd & last sundays at The Chequers, Challock - contact 01795 590374 weekdays for updates