The Auld Dubliner

71 South Pine, CA 90802, Long Beach, California, USA

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Auld Dubliner

Sundays 4-7 pm
Nice place, great tunes, good room,…and I am addicted to their brown bread ice cream.

Auld Dubliner

A very good session, well led, good tunes by good players.

This session has recently really taken off with a large influx of great players- there were nine flutes there yesterday!
My understanding is that due to Finn McCool’s session no longer happening, many of those people have starting coming to Auld Dubliner.

Auld Dub

Still a very good session. Still a gathering place for very good flute players! Great location too - very close to the Pacific ocean.

Re: The Auld Dubliner

Stopped by for dinner last evening, I enjoyed listening to the music, good selection of tunes nicely played. I didn’t bring an instrument, but had a chat with the folks before I left, a friendly bunch.

Re: The Auld Dubliner

Still going strong in August 2019!