Dog And Partridge

Trippett Lane, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

  • Schedule: Saturday, Thursday.

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Alternate Saturday afternoons (from 2.00pm) and most Thursday nights in the snug (there are songs in another bar). Highest standard (but not a paid gig) smallish Irish session. Friendly welcome for non disruptive people who are learning. A good Irish pub with good beer and the best Guinness you will taste over here.

Hasn’t this been a session pub for many years?
It was, about 20-odd years ago, when I lived in Sheffield.

Yes it has. Anne still owns it and there are sessions in the large bar on a Saturday afternoon (every week though) as well as the small one - they tend to be more singing. I’m not sure now about other nights but there always used to be other mid week sessions too.

Is Frank Flynn still around?

Frank died many years ago but Anne still has the pub

Sadly Maurice Mallone stalwart musician died recently a great loss

Dog and Partridge (Sheffield) still going?

Went along tonight (thursday) on spec, being down here for a conference. A singing session, mixture of Irish ballads and stuff like Bert Jansch, was going on in the back room. But there was no session in the wee snug by the time I left, which was 10.30pm. Is this session still going?

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All D & P sessions have moved to the Grapes down the road . I will post the new D& P sessions separately

sessions currently every 2nd Tuesday. Next one 1st Feb 2011

Clarification on the move

To clarify jfother’s note above: the reason all has moved next door to the Grapes - and it’s sad news for those who remember its great days - is that Ann Flynn has given up the D and P. However, she owns the Grapes and has moved everythinginto there - including the Kennedy memorobilia and Guinness the collie.

Sessions are as formerly in the D and P, including Saturday lunchtime tunes sessions. Pretty much business as usual.

Is this session still running?


I’m considering a move to Sheffield from September, and we’re taking a fact-finding trip this weekend. If I turn up on Saturday afternoon (May 24, 2014), is there likely to be a session? (I’m a flute/whistle player, if that makes a difference.)