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Where and when

Hurray, now we have an irish session in Moscow 🙂

Session tunelist:
Session website:
The place we all are from:

We meet every Tuesday, from 18-19 till 22-23-24 o’clock. Usual place is Dublin pub (, but sometimes we move to Rosie’s (, so check our website before you go, or better ask us 🙂.

If you don’t read russian or have any questions, feel free to ask me

Welcome 🙂

And in case you find breqwas unavailable, contact me, being the organizer 😛

Moscow Irish Session

Got a chance to do some playing at the Dublin Pub in Moscow while I was there on Business. Had a great time and many of the players spoke very excellent English. Good players that knew all the same tunes that I did. Had a great time. Make sure you stop at midnight in order to catch the subway trains back to where ever you are staying.

Al Cofrin

Session moved

Due to changes in Dublin pub, our session has moved. Now we meet every Saturday in Rosie’s pub.

Please contact us before you come - things may change from time to time 🙂

My email is

Session on hold

We are not welcome in Rosie’s any more, so now there’s no regular session here.

But there are some irregular ones from time to time, so email me anyway if you want to come.