Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

2421 Curry Ford Rd., Orlando, Florida, USA

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Wednesday Session 7:30 pm 11/6/02

Sessions are every other Wednesday and are hosted by Vicki Birdfeather-Gish and Scott Vocca.

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub Session 11//19/02

Same time - same place. Vickie and Scott are amazing musicians and gracious hosts. Hope to see you there.

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub Session 11//20/02

Oops. Wrong date on the last post.

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage - 12/18 Session

See you Wednesday.
Scott wants everyone to know that banjos make great gifts.

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage - No Wednesday Session on 1/1/2003 - Makeup on Sunday

Scott and Vickie have told us that the regular Wednesday session has been cancelled due to the Holiday. However there will be a make-up session the following Sunday (1/5) starting a 4:00 p.m. ralph

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage - 2/26/03

Session is on for this Wednesday. Usual time 7:30 pm - til ?
Everyone is welcome.

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage - 3/26 Session

I just received a note from Vickie and Scott that this Wednesday’s session is a go. There have been some great sessions this year - things get going at 7:30 pm.

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage - 4/9/03

There should be a good crowd this Wednesday. 7:30 - be there!

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage - 5/7/03

This Wednesday’s session is a go - 7:30 p.m. as usual. Everyone is welcome.
Some of the regulars had a great time playing at a CCE sponsored event in Cocoa Beach Monday evening. This was to raise funds for a Habitat for Humanity project in Belfast with which one of the members is involved. - re

Orlando FL Claddagh Cottage - 5/21/03

The word is we’re on for Wednesday.
Couldn’t pass this up from Scott Vocca who besides being the fretted instrumentalist extroidinaire is also the local literary force, right up there with William Yeats and William Gaines:
“…So come on out where the maid behind the bar can serve a parting glass of the morning dew. drink it like its christmas eve til you find yourself swinging on a gate, or have an urge to smash the windows which disturbed jenny’s chickens and that woke the man of the house and the woman of the house summoned colonel frazer who found me lying on the gravelwalk wearing only a mason’s apron. he read me the rights of man and took me to the castle to meet the boys of blue hill. they prodded me with a silver spear ‘til my fanny power just about gave out and when it did it was the wind that shakes the barley, scatter the mud and O’Keefes slide. then a wise maid said your drunk - it’s time to go home.

Hope to see you there……..“
I personaly think he’s been hitting the double jigs too much, and probably should stick to singles. re

anyone in north/central florida?

Hey Everyone,

Anyone out there live in North/Central Florida, USA? I live in Tallahassee, which has a small celtic scene and a once a month session. I am probably going to be moving to Orlando in a few months, and saw through this site that is actually a session. However, i called, but no one picked up.

If anyone out there is in the Tallahassee or Orlando area let me know.


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Re: anyone in north/central florida?

Hey Anton.

Fear not, this session is alive and well. There’s even a mailing list for it – ask Jane at the Tallahassee sessions for Vicki’s e-mail address and see if you can be added to it. I think there’s also one in Eustice. I’m in Brevard County these days so feel free to drop by for a few tunes as well if you’re interested.


Session in Eustis and Vicki’s mailing list

There is indeed a session in Eustis - at the Caf

Attended this session as an out of town visitor a couple of times. Overall musicianship level is intermediate to strong. A little flute heavy. Good tune selection. It’s almost all tunes. I think I only heard one vocal in the two nights I was there. Noisy bar, which is distracting.

Starts at 7:30, goes til around midnight.

Not really one for beginners, though.

Had a great time both nights.

Rockin’ Session!

I brought my travelling mandolin to this session on November 15, 2006, and had a super time. The quality of playing is top-notch, the craic was first-rate, and the food at the pub was great too. Hats off all around; long may it run.

—Michael B.

Still Going!

This session continues thanks to Vicki and Scott.
Wednesday February 20th and every other Wednesday.
Starts around 7:30pm

Happy New Year!

The Claddagh Cottage Session is in its 11 year and going strong.

Session in Claddagh Cottage end of April 2012

On holiday from Dublin, went to the session last Wednesday, wasn’t sure what to expect, I have to say that the session was excellent, Scott and Vicky host the session and were very welcoming and friendly.
The music was great, just like a session in Ireland, all the musicians seemed to enjoy themselves and made me feel very welcome (especially the cute bodhran player from Belfast)
Would love the play with them again, hopely next time I’m on holiday will arrange it so it coincides

Surprise guest December 5, 2012

We were graced last Wednesday with the musical talent and all around gentleman, Brendan Begley, who stopped into our session late after a local gig. What a fun we had playing tunes! It ended up being a pretty late one but totally worth it.


Which Wednesday in Jan 2013?

Am visiting again from UK - again. Please let me know if the session is on 23rd or 30th of this month. Mary and I are hoping to get.

Check our website for dates!

Since this session is every-other Wednesday, you can check our session website to see on which ones they will occur. The website is listed at the top of this page.

Re: Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

Venue changing, pending the final relocation of the Claddagh Cottage pub. Stay tuned for details on new permanent location.

Meanwhile, the sesh is convening temporarily at the Harp & Celt Pub, near downtown, at 25 Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, Florida. Same every other Wednesday schedule, I believe.

Best wishes to Claddagh Cottage owners and players Scott and Vicki as they transition to the new location, and thanks to them and to the former Claddagh Cottage owner for a terrific run!

Re: Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

Will there be a session the week of 1/22/18?

Re: Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

Every other Wednesday - check the pub’s website.

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Re: Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

The website for the pub is no longer valid, so no way to check when sessions are happening.
Please update.

Re: Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

The website worked for me using Chrome browser. It shows an Irish Session next Wednesday, 31 August 2022.

Re: Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

Al, you can update the website link (and any other session details) using the “edit this session” button on this page.

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Re: Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub

Thanks. Not being local I did not want to make that presumption. Better if a local made the edit. Thanks Jeremy. Will be at the Cape for work so swinging by for a visit on 8-31-22