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One of the friendliest sessions in London. A nice, fun atmosphere, and good music to boot.

So when is it then? Nice to see another UK session, they don’t seem to be going on the list as much as I had hoped, but at least
we can be sure they are mainly ITM session.

Sorry - I forgot about the fourth dimension. I’ve now put in the day of the week - and it starts round about 9 or 9.30 pm.

Tir Na No !

I’ve just been advised that Foxy’s away so there’s no session this Saturday.
Back to normal next week

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Tir Na ……….

Cath, mention of Foxy reminded me that I met him at the Kilkenny session in Wimbledon a couple of tuesdays ago.
Five days later I was sitting in a pub in Kilrush in the wee small hours of the morning when the session was beginning to droop, and in walks Foxy !
Quite a character ! The session instantly revived.
He was on his way from Kerry up to Letterkenny for the Fleadh.
Give him my regards at your next session.

I’ve been with foxy and the gang all weekend.

He is an amazing banjoist!

Was a great pleasure having them playing in *my* local.

yeeeeha!! 🙂

Many thanks to the gang over in Garretts Lane. The Fox, Charlie, Alice, Kevin and not forgetting Greg who kindly gave me a lift back over to this end of town, and others whose names escape me. They made me most welcome, despite me being off my tree! I dunno if any of youse read this site, but I’m just recording my appreciation nonetheless. And possibly apologies if I got a bit too lary for you genteel SW Londoners :+|}
A drop-dead wicked session.

Alice the flautist

Anyone know where she’s disappeared to? She isn’t at her place of work any more.


Fiddle (moved to Sligo)

Alice the flautist at the Tir Na Nog

I was checking up on the Tir Na Nog session site to see if there were any news on Alice the flautist and found the previous enquiry. Has anyone heard from her? I have not been to the Tir Na Nog in ages so I’m hoping she’s returned there. if not, I would be really happy to hear that she’s very well and impressing other lucky musicians with her powerful flute playing and expressive concertina tunes in a new pub somewhere in the world.

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Web address

The website address is www.thetirnanog.co.uk - don’t know if I can add that to the main page heading or not. Ignore the comments about food - that’s not available anymore, though.

Alice stopped coming to the session some time ago and I believe has now moved away from London - up towards the Midlands.

still going, still very friendly and relaxed, with good tunes and songs.

still starts 9/9.30

An institution

I’ve been several times in the last few years. It’s still going strong, late into the evenings.

—-Michael B.

No longer an "Irish session", but music still welcomed

This is no longer a regular, organised Irish music session as of September 2012. I understand from the staff of the pub that Foxy has taken a well-deserved break after 17 years and that the session in its previous form hasn’t existed for a month or two.

But, we were warmly and unanimously invited to stay and play anyway - the pub lends true meaning to the Irish greeting of ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’ - and a small band of itinerant musicians kept the pub entertained until about 1am.

I’ve confirmed with the pub that they still welcome acoustic music on a Saturday night and that they’re quite happy for there to be an informal "musicians all" session on Saturday evenings for as many as will. Please let’s try to keep it alive.

So, musicians still very welcome - 9.30ish onwards, usually finishes about 1am - but consider it at the moment a "come all ye" session, not obviously run by anyone in particular or adhering to any specific style of music. Great pub, great craic.

Re: Tir Na Nog

hi. Is this session still active on Saturdays? I am visiting on the 10th of Sept

Re: Tir Na Nog

The old Kilkenny session has found a new home here on Tuesday nights around 9pm. Everyone welcome!

Re: Tir Na Nog

No longer current. We have moved to the South London Irish Centre, 140, Hartfield Road, South London still on Tuesday nights.