Celtic Knot

626 Church St, Evanston, Illinois, USA

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Celtic Knot Tuesday session

7.00-10.00 Tuesdays, run by Gus. Fun, friendly eclectic session.

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Gus Friedlander

Gus holds down the beat with his tenor banjo, often welcoming either Kat Eggleston on guitar and hammer-dulcimer, or Farley, a very fine young fiddler, as co-hosts.

The group is eclectic, with broad tolerance for beginners and rough starts, but often some very fine tunes and sets arise from the mix. Very friendly in general, and the post-session fish&chips is a tradition!

Celtic Knot session, still happening?

I will be visiting the Chicago area last 2 weeks of Aug and my fiddle and I are hoping to get some music in. Is this session still happening?

Alternate weeks, eclectic and traditional

I heard that recently the Celtic Knot made some changes in management, which explains the recent change in the music.

The eclectic session led by Gus as described above continues (though Kat Eggleston has now moved to another state and Gus is typically joined by some other very good musicians as co-hosts these days), but it is only every other Tuesday, alternating with a more traditional Irish session led by Annie Andrews.

The Celtic Knot Public House

I visited Nevin’s and found John William’s session had moved to the Celtic Knot two blocks over. It runs from 3:00-4:00.

John and the others at the session are extremely supportive and gracious. It is beginner friendly but not for everyone on every tune. Some of the tunes are just too difficult for most.

Re: Celtic Knot

Unfortunately Gus’s Tuesday session came to an end in spring 2016. John Williams’s Sunday afternoon session continues.