McCusker’s Market

3 State Street, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, USA

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Mocha Maya Session

Somewhat of a begginer/intermediate session. We generally have the music for the tunes we are playing. Very informal learning environment with free coffee for the musicians.

We play from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm most of the time. If there is no musical act coming in to play after us, we can play most of the afternoon.

Mocha Maya Session Update

It’s been a year and a half since the session started. It has become a little more advanced in that time. While beginners are still welcome, and music is still used. increasingly, most musicians have developed a siginficant repetoire and use music infrequently. We have developed quite a following in town.

I have established a Yahoo Group for the session, open by invitation only.

Still Going…

I just want to let folks know that this session is still going. Two weeks ago we had a visitor from Cape Breton who’d found us on this website. The session tends to be fairly small (3-6 people), and focused mainly on tunes with the occassional song now and then. Tunes are mainly irish. Level has settled more solidly into intermediate with forays up or down that spectrum depending on who’s playing. Musicians get a free coffee!

Just found out about this

I’m just learning tenor banjo (and fiddle). We were at dinner with friends last night and they mentioned the Mocha Maya seisiun on Sunday mornings. I was going to go when I heard that it was cancelled today (11/2/14).
I’ll have to try it next week. I promise, I’ll leave the banjo at home. I want the seisiuns to continue :>)

Session has moved

I just found out that this session has moved from Mocha Maya’s to McCusker’s Market, just down the road a piece.

Re: McCusker’s Market

I seem to recall that this is now twice a month at McCuskers, but I don’t remember which days. Anyone know?

Re: McCusker’s Market

Hi all, is this still on, does anyone know? I did reach out to Desi Lowit (can’t remember where I got their contact info tho…)