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Session, The Castle, Crystal Palace Road, East Dulwich

I play fiddle at this a session which usually comprises 4 or 5 reasonably experienced fiddle players, a guitarist, a bodhran and a whistle or two. We would love some different instrumentalists to join us to add a bit of variety. The repertoire is very traditional and includes singing (in English but Irish would be good too). It’s very relaxed and friendly in an old fashioned london boozer which is a bit off the beaten track, (hearest train East Dulwich or Peckham, then bus) so probably best for locals. It’s on twice a month and the next one is Sunday 9 Dec 07, from about 7.30pm. Best to ring the pub to check if it’s on first.

Glad to hear a session has started up here again. The Castle has had sessions on and off ever since I’ve been in SE London - about 17 years. And yes, this must be one of the few remaining proper old fashioned pubs left in East Dulwich, the rest having now become bistro bars and gastropubs. Who are the players, and would you mind others joining in?

I rang the pub and was told it started at 6pm. When I got there at 7 the musicians had left and nothing was happening for the night! brilliant eh?