Mick Jagger Centre

Shepherds Lane, Dartford, Kent, England

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Every Wednesday from 7:45 - 9:45, room J1

This is a great session for everyone. It has a great format, everyone sits in a circle and we go around and take turns with a song or short set of tunes and all are encouraged to join in.

Originally started from a folk workshop, the same spirit continues, beginners really encouraged! A great place to try out that new tune/song you’ve learnt or even if you’re starting out on a new instrument or are new to folk music. All types of acoustic music are played, mostly folk, but anything goes. We have a regular contingent of players who play a variety of things, guitars, singers, fiddles, various squeeze boxes, whistles, bodhrans, mandolins, bouzokis, harmonicas, egg shakers etc, etc….

It is free for your first session, after that £3 to pay towards renting the room. No beer I’m afraid, but a vending machine does passable tea/coffee/hot chocolate/soup for breaktime!

The friendliest session I have ever come across!

Still going strong and price gone down…

… to £2 per session most weeks as we’re so popular! 🙂

Just a note to let you know we’re still here!

We’re getting about 12-15 people each week, so plenty of chance to play your own tunes and songs as well as joining in with others.

Play around session

I no longer go to this session having moved out of the area, but I know it’s still going very well, a great place to learn new stuff and test things out.

Re: Mick Jagger Centre

Session is still going on, alas I don’t live locally, but I hear great things!