Gasworks Museum

44 Irish Quarter West, Carrickfergus, Antrim, Northern Ireland

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Who and when

This session happens every 3 weeks on a Friday evening.

It is a "Slow Session" specifically setup to encourage musicians who have no group skills to participate in session playing. It is sponsored by the East Antrim Traditional Music School (EATMS).

The schedule of dates can be found on the EATMS web site on the noticeboard:

The set of tunes played is governed by the EATMS tune book. Details of which are also on the website.

The night starts very much at an introductory level and gradually speeds up to an intermediate level by the end of the night.

A very friendly session with a cup of tea and biscuit half way through for a bit of social interaction.

Everybody welcome!

Who and when

Its good and its usually every 2 weeks now

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