The Golden Ball

2 Cromwell Road, Bishophill, York, Yorkshire, England

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This session is a fairly small gathering of musicians playing a lot of everything! Great if you want to pick up lots of new tunes as the common ones don’t tend to get played as often…unless i start one of course!

All the musicians are great guys

There is the odd song but there’s no unaccompanied singing like at the nearby Tap and Spile.

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What time do you kick off there? Early/late evening? Afternoon?

WhistlinLeeds…it kicks off at about 8 o clock / 8.15 in the evening.

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A cracking session (for listening)

Popped in last week - very friendly lot - standard is very high and so is speed. Old-Timey tunes of which I knew very few and they aren’t easy to follow. Mainly fiddles & strings plus eng.conc./melodion
As it was well out of my comfort zone, they did play a few English tunes for my benefit!
An important session for going and listeming - beginners and good musicians all have something to learn here (unless you are already into Old-Timey)

The best york session.

great mix of tunes and the occasional song. and the loveliest regulars.
they were very encouraging to me when i came in as a total session newbie years ago.
i miss it.

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