The Clarendon

68 Lurline Street, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia

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Irish session

2pm to 4pm
Tunes played at a medium pace. Beginners welcome.
Its new and small. About a dozen local musicians.

The Clarenden is a small theatre guesthouse that has live performances several nights a week. Many groups from festivals find there way to perform and have a break.

As it is a short session we try to get in there any play solidly for the two hours. If you need more tunes somebody is usually willing to continue at their home.

Travellers very welcome

Wish I didn’t have to work on a Sunday.

It’s been 5 years since the last comment, but this session is most definitely still going 🙂

It was a cracker today…and very inclusive

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Session in Katoomba

The Clarendon session is still going on Sundays but starts at 3 pm.

Session in Katoomba

3pm to 6pm
Still play at a steady pace. Every Sunday.
We get together Monday and Thursday nights at different houses to swap tunes and play.
Call Chris Cole 0410 574 167

Re: The Clarendon

Is this session still going on when COVID-19 isn’t out and about? Looks like last comment was about 4 years ago… any info for sessions in area would be greatly appreciated!

Re: The Clarendon

Molly, just ring Chris Cole. His phone number hasn’t changed.

Re: The Clarendon

Thank you!