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Seamus McDaniel’s Session

Held on the 2nd and 4th. Wed. of the month. 9.30pm. Open / friendly.
stlirishsession@yahoogroups for more info.
Medium and upwards range.

Tigin Sessions

New Session. Best to check before hand to see if on every Monday. TIme 8pm untill 11 or 11.30pm. Will update again shortly.

Tigin Session

I had stopped by on Monday Noveber 9th 2009, and a waiter there was unaware of any session.

This session really never took off. Go to the Riley’s session instead on Wednesday’s at 9:30.

This session is back on for Monday’s. Come join in to play or listen!

Sundays Too!

There is also a session meeting on the last Sunday of each month (in most cases).

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New Saturday Sessions as of 2016

We now meet at Tigín every Saturday from 2-5pm.

Re: Tigín

This session is currently inactive and will be down until further notice.