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Riley’s Sesson, St. Louis

Held on the 1st. and 3rd Wed. and the 5th. if there is one.Starts at 9.30pm.
stlirishsession@yahoo groups for more info.

Telephone number

I happen to be in St. Louis so I tried calling the number for this pub; it turns out to be (314) 664-7474. Apparently there is also a session on Thursday nights with Eileen Gannon.

Great music - with a warning

My wife and I visited this session in November. The music was great, hot, and fast. There was also a very friendly crowd of both musicians and audience. This session is held in the entry to an old pub, in two facing rows so people coming and going can get through. We didn’t stay long because I had to be at work early the next morning, but remember some "wicked" reels and hornpipes. Just a word of warning, however … this is a smoking bar.


The session at Riley’s now starts at 7pm and it is no longer a smoking bar as of Jan. 1st, 2016!

Re: Riley’s Bar And Grill

To anyone who is looking for a place to play tunes, this session is still alive and well. We still start every Wednesday at 7pm and play until everyone leaves, which typically ends up being around 10:30pm. Cheers!