The Celtic Ray

145 E Marion Ave, Punta Gorda, Florida, USA

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Afternoon session, starts at 1

Come on down!

Fellenbaum came once

It was St. Patty’s Day, 2008, a grim night where a session turned into a performance. Hopefully it was still fun. Normally we keep it traditional, open and friendly, still going strong every Sunday afternoon.

Summer is Here

…and the time is right, for melting in the streets…

Which is why we go inside and keep cool with plenty of tunes. The snowbirds have flown north for the winter, but us diehards are holding it down until they get back. Sometimes we have a few, sometimes we have a pack, but we always have fun.

Now Starting at 3

Occasionally they’d have bands interrupt the session, so we had to start early. Not anymore. We can play until we’re done. Huzzah.