Plzensky Dvur

Sumavska 29a, Brno, South Moravia, Czech Republic

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Session in Brno - 4 April 2008, 7:30 pm

ATTENTION! This session takes place only a few times in the year, usually preceding a large ceilidh organised by Scotch Dog ( on the following Saturday. Musicians from all over Czech Republic and Slovakia gather for this session and stay on for the ceilidh to enjoy themselves. Overnight lodging is arranged. Active musicians welcome 🙂

To neni pravdy !!

Irska hudba v Slovensku ?? Mmmmm. Je to perfektni.

It IS true, even in Slovakia 😉

1) we are not in Slovakia
2) and yes, there are large Irish sessions taking place all over the Czech Republic - occasionally….
3) our REGULAR, WEEKLY sessions in Brno are now here:
4) sessions in Slovakia can be found on this site too 😉