Benedictine College

1020 N 2nd Street, Atchison, Kansas, USA

  • Schedule: Wednesday.

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Second Sunday Session

Second Sundays is a music session held in Atchison,
KS on the second Sunday of each month with an emphasis
on playing music in the Irish/Scottish traditions.

While the not a traditional "slow sesssion," the emphasis is on
learning tunes and having fun 🙂 We have music and try to
play/learn most tunes out of the session book
that we have developed which we have copies of at the session. (The ABC file of the tunes is
available from John, see below).
However, we also play tunes without "the dots" when we can.
Singers and unusual instruments are also welcome.


Take 1-29 North to the first exit past Platte City
(exit 20) Exit I-29 to the right and then turn left
(over the highway) follow the road through Tracy and
follow the signs to Weston, KS. At the four way stop,
turn North onto highway 45 which will take you around
Weston and North. You will pass the Iatan Power plant,
a ski

Time ……

OH, we play from 2:00-5:00 pm. 🙂


THe Atchison session was dead for a year and we have just started a new one at BENEDICTINE COLLEGE in the HAVERTY CENTER (OLD ROOST),. It is a slow session which includes a fair number of songs that is hosted by the Benedictine College Celtic Music club. Every Wednesday at 9:00 is the time. Everyone is invited.

BC is off of 2nd street on the North side of town.