The Barn Bar

Lerags, Oban, Argyll, Scotland

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Session in The Barn Bar, Lerags, Oban

This session takes place on a Sunday afternoon, starting about 3ish.
The Barn Bar, situated a few miles south of Oban, is a lovely wee country pub with real ale and good food.
There can be from 4 to 10 musicians with a wide mixture of instrumentation. Both tunes and songs are part of the session and the music varies from scots and irish to more exotic stuff. All visitors warmly welcomed.

Hi Stevie - I’ll try and come up one of these Sundays (Chris mentioned this session to me before) - just that I hate the Oban road, and try to keep off it as much as poss when not working up in that direction!


Oban sessions

I will be in Oban over the weekend and am looking to find a session, if there is one, on Saturday or Sunday. I am aware of the Barn on a Sunday but i will not have transport and am not sure how far out of town the Barn is. It may be just a taxi run away, I will find out on arrival.

I would be gratefully for any other suggestions re. session information.

Thanking all in anticipation.
Ian S.

Re: The Barn Bar

Looked in for this session on a visit Sunday 3 til 4….empty
Sigh.was told they were here last week.
Is this now a monthly session?

Re: The Barn Bar

Susan, sorry we missed you. The Barn session has sort of fizzled out. Apparently a few folk do occasionally turn up for a tune but it’s a bit of a gamble. The Oban Inn session, first Wednesday of the month, is still going though.

Re: The Barn Bar

The Barn Bar session has restarted for the summer of 2019, taking place monthly on the second Sunday of the month, starting around 3pm. Don’t forget to check out The Oban Inn sessions if you are in the area at other times:

Re: The Barn Bar

Delighted to be able to inform everyone that, as of May 2022, The Barn Bar session is restarting, taking place on the second Sunday of the month and starting around 3pm.

Re: The Barn Bar

The Barn Bar sessions have fizzled out again.