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7pm till 11pm

Time change

According to both the shop’s website and my personal experience, the current start time is 8pm.

New Schedule

Only two days a month now - 1st Sunday is a slow/learning/beginner’s session, 3rd Sunday is up to speed.

Corrected Session Times

Session starts at 8pm and runs till 11-ish these days.

Re: Fiddler’s Green

As of August ‘16, the sessions are running Sundays from 3-6pm. Check by calling the shop if you’re not sure ((512) 452-3900).

Re: Fiddler’s Green

Went on a Sunday night and the shop was closed. Not sure if it has. Rem cancelled or they moved date/times.

Re: Fiddler’s Green

Jospeh, see the comment just above yours—it’s now in the afternoons from 3-6pm.

Re: Fiddler’s Green

The Fiddler’s Green session is now Sunday afternoon 3PM to 6PM.

Re: Fiddler’s Green

I am hearing that Fiddlers Green is now closed so someone needs to confirm this and update this session information.

Re: Fiddler’s Green

Fiddler’s Green session is not happening these days. The music store is alive and well, and well worth visiting for their good selection of stringed and other instruments. Fiddler’s Green sponsors occasional concerts, workshops or sessions, so check in with the shop for events.