Newliston Arms

Main Street, Kirkliston, Lothian, Scotland

Two comments

New Session in Kirkliston

Starting on Monday 26 May 2008, running from about 9pm to 11pm, and weekly thereafter. Organised by Martin McQueen, and intended to be a friendly open session, suitable for musicians of all levels of ability and experience.
For at least the first few weeks there should be a few experienced (maybe not all that good - but experienced !) regulars from other sessions, just to make sure that things get going.

Alive and Kicking

Amazingly after 5 years this session is still very much on the go and thriving. We meet every Monday evening between 9pm and 11pm in the Newliston Arms situated at the crossroads in the village. All musicians are welcome and we do our best to accommodate all levels. The range of music is a mixture of Scottish and Irish tunes usually played at a moderate pace. The pub is a bit quiet on Monday evenings but there is generally a lively atmosphere generated by the players and the usual ribbing between the fiddlers and the accordionists.