Eclectic-acoustic Session

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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Starting up session

We will be starting an eclectic* acoustic-only session at a pub in downtown Honolulu on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month 3 to 6 pm. No electric or brass instruments please (flute may be OK). Open to all who can play or sing decently. Please bring at least 5 each 3x5 cards of the chords (with lyrics if a song) that you can sing or play the lead on to the first session you attend.
* Celtic, calypso/reggae, old R&R, chanteys, ballads, Jimmy Buffett/island-stuff, folk, world, etc. (sorry, no rap or hip-hop).

That hyphen …

… made me read it as “electric-acoustic”
I don’t think “eclectic” is a good word to use in this context!
Good luck. No Hawaiian music?

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Ending of session as of 3/2011

Due to lack of response I closed this session in March 2011.