Maggie’s Bar

98-100 Stoke Newington Church Street, Stoke Newington, London, England

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A good Irish session every other Sunday from 3pm to about 6. There’s usually about 5 of us - pipes/whistles, banjo, guitar, flute and fiddle - but it’s variable. There’s sometimes a song or two if the mood is right. It’s very welcoming, and although the standard is reasonably high, it is friendly to beginners. Maggie, the manager, is Irish, and very appreciative of the music.

Hmm.. the Google map that came up isn’t entirely correct. But it’s close enough. Basically, if you come up Church Street from Stoke Newington High Street, it’s on your right after about 3 minutes’ walk.

Joe if I ever copme to see you and Lucas again in London….i’d love to go…Farewell to Ireland must be a staple?

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If EVER, Dan!! About time, innit?!
And yes, we often play Farewell to Ireland. I wouldn’t call it a staple, though.
In fact, the favourite tune there, you know, the tune that you start and everyone goes "Ah, yes!" and joins in, seems to be this one:

Which Sunday?

Hi. Sounds fun- and I live in Clapton so nice and easy to get to on the 106. Which Sundays are we talking about- i.e. is it on tomorrow?

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Unfortunately the session at Maggie’s Bar is no more. Apparently Maggie wanted more songs and fewer tunes, and we just couldn’t supply that.

Well, it was good while it lasted…..

Funny thing… I was walking past Maggie’s on Thursday night at about 5:30pm, and lo and behold, I heard the sound of Cooley’s reel coming from it! There was a session going on inside, where we used to be, but I didn’t recognise anyone. Fiddle, whistle, mando, harp… I’ve no idea if it’s regular or not, or indeed anything…

It does, however, look like the Maggie’s sesh is not completely gone. I’d phone them for details, though, rather than ask me, cos I know nothing…


Almost a year on, what used to be Maggie’s Bar is now an Italian seafood restaurant called "Bacio il Mare"! I doubt there’ll be many Irish sessions happening there any time soon…