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This session ran on Monday nights at Whitefriars Olde Ale house for four years and moved to The Beer Engine in March 2008.


Popped in on Monday and found a really friendly, welcoming session of 8 or so (and the pub is beer heaven).The slow-session Irish soon sped up and it was really good to hear some harp for a change.A bit of Scottish and a lot of English followed, so I introduced some from the under-played Northumbrian repertoire.
I look forward to visiting again in the near future - thanks lads.

Session moved

Just a note that we’ve moved back up the Whitefriars, in the front room to the right.

Good beer and a nice warm fire in the winter.

Moved again

We’ve moved to the Broomfield Tavern, off the Butts.

Same session, same bunch of people, same fun 🙂

Re: Broomfield Tavern

Just a note to say that this session is still going.

We hope its open and friendly, mostly playing tunes from the dance traditions of the British Isles Bring your favourite repertoire and we will have a go, or at least listen!

The only "rules" are that we are a tune session. We certainly do not object the the occasional song, but please don’t turn up expecting to do more than one or two in the evening. Honestly is the best policy 🙂

The other "rules" are to please tune your instrument and be respectful of others, especially less confident players.

OK, you might think that having "rules" make it sound all regimented and kills the fun.

Actually there are no "rules" really, just respect. We are easy going and like to hear people have a go.

Re: Broomfield Tavern

Sadly this is now a dead session.

I’ll try to find a way to delete it from the system.