Charlotte Tavern

2 River St. (off Lake Avenue), Rochester, New York, USA

  • Schedule: Tuesday.
  • Telephone: 663-9649

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Tuesday Tunes in Rochester NY

Time: 7:00PM till whenever.

A core of about 15 regulars pick about 15 tunes every three months or so and focus on just those tunes from 7-8:30. Then it’s anything (Irish) goes after 8:30.

The session is led by Terry O’Toole and Brian Coughlin (members of the local trad group Tullamore Celtic Band).

There is usually a well balanced mix of trad instruments and a wide range of experiene levels in attendance. All are welcome but basic session manners are expected.

Running for going on 3 years now, this session is Rochester’s only "open" weekly session.

Still running after 8 years

The regulars at this session meet every Tuesday, from 7-9PM. Usually the first half-hour is spent playing through a particular set of tunes of current interest, and the rest of the time playing other tunes from the group’s set list (currently up to 250 tunes). But visitors with new ideas are always welcome.

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