Church Street Cafe

1 Church Street, Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia

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Church st cafe session.

A weekly saturday session at Bellingen, between 11.30am 2.3opm . every body welcome!

Is this session still on? Is it Irish music? What sort of level? Thinking I will be in the Bellingen direction around 6th April and would love to drop in!

Bello Session Update: March 2014

The session, now in it’s 14th year, is still on, and is every Saturday afternoon from about 1pm to 4pm.

It’s Irish (although if you were a Balkan bagpiper, for instance, you would be invited to play a tune or two).

It is not exactly in the location shown in the map, but is at the end of Church St, at the corner, on the verandah of the building on the left, which is a health food shop called "Kombu".

Some pics can be found at: john.may.31452 (anyone is welcome to contact me on this page)

Kombu Wholefoods

It’s a weekly session, every Saturday from about midday til 4pm (don’t be dismayed and leave if you get there at 12.30 and nothing’s happening, sometimes 1.30pm might be a more realistic kick-off)……….You could always start on your own !
It’s an outdoor session, in a lovely location in one of the most beautiful towns in Australia. We play on an outdoor verandah overlooking the river bank, the skateboard park, and the beautiful hills of Bellingen.
The street is full of coffee shops, so good coffee is to hand, and we bring our own tables and chairs.
We have flutes, pipes, concertina, whistles, mandos, banjos, guitars, a regular group of half a dozen or so, and a retinue of visitors who keep coming back.
The skill level is anyone who enjoys playing to or listening to celtic trad music. Sometimes it sounds alright to us.
This session has been going now for 18 years (since 1996). ALL WELCOME !

Visitor made welcome

I played at this Session as an out of town visitor in December 2014.

This is a lively fun Session, well attended, with a high standard of musicianship.

I was made to feel very welcome by hosts John and Margot.

Good tunes, fun atmosphere……… I’ll be there again next time I visit Bellingen.

Thanks for all the tunes

Visited end of October 2015.
Thanks John, Margot I was made so welcome. Terrific tunes and playing. 1600km from home and I settled right in. Next time Ill bring my fiddle. All the best Lionel

Re: Church Street Cafe

Ripper of a session at Bellingen last weekend. Thanks for the craic. It sure is nice to have someone start a tune which you hadn’t played for years.
I’ll make the trek again soon.

Re: Church Street Cafe

I hope this is still going, that is, will be going, post covid era, as i will be buying a place and working in the general area. My kind of town.