The Speedwell Bar

165-167 Perth Road, Dundee, Angus, Scotland

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Session in Mennies

New session starting in The Speedwell Bar (Mennies Bar) on Perth Road in Dundee on Tuesday 30th September 2008. This will be a weekly session. It will have a mix of largely Scottish and Irish music. It will be tunes based.

It would be great to see you there.


Mennies Session

Forgot to say that it runs from 9-12.

Mennies Sesson

On tonight! Please come down! 🙂

Mennies Session

This is great news for Dundee. It’s incredible the number of musicians and singers there are in the area just waiting for somewhere to “happen”. I hope to make it down this coming week with my wee fiddle in tow 🙂

1st class session in Dundee!!!

Cheers for getting this up and running Ali!

We had a great opening night, with good order for music, reserved tables, two drink rounds served at the tables, lots of Irish and Scottish tunes, and a great bunch of musicians, including a great visiting banjo player from Cisco, happy welcoming locals, and a very accomodating land lord!

Hope to see a load more of you there next week too!

Tuesday 8.30 onwards in back room of the Speedwell’s (Mennie’s) on the perth road!


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1st class session in Dundee!!!

Well the second session was every bit as good as the first. Three new faces to the session compared to last week and we had a great mix of Irish and Scottish tunes. Its just so good to have a session with a good acoustic, atmosphere, appreciative locals and a supportive landlord. This is only in its infancy, but if things continue how they have started then this is going to be a super sesh.

It’s be great to see some more new faces next week! In Dundee, Musicians crawling out of the woodwork is quite an extradordinary, but a very welcome, sight to behold!

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We also had three dancers for a bit -in addition to the musicians. 🙂

1st Class Dundee Tunes Sesh No. 3

We are onto our 3rd week of Irish and Scottish tunes in the Speedwells, Dundee, who are fantastic hosts. It’d be great to see a few new faces, and a few older ones too! Starts 8.30pm see you there!

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Great Irish tunes in the Speedwells, Dundee - take four!

Well, this session is well and truly ensconsed now. The landlord and locals love it, we’ve had three great weeks of tunes and even the barmaid plays a few tunes!! See you at 8.30 tonight, and every tuesday night hereafter……

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Dundee Session - 23rd December

Was a great session last night if a little busy - I counted 23 playing through most of the night. Thanks to all who have come down to the first 3 months of sessions back in Dundee and I look forward to many more in the years to come!

Has it died a death already?

I advised a friend that there was a newish session in Mennies and he went in this week , fiddle in hand, to find a couple of tables reserved but no musicians. He was there until 10pm and asked the barman where all the musicians were, but he didnt know. Is the session still running and if so what’s the score?


Mennies Session

Hi - sorry about that!

No it has not died a death. I thought about posting a note on here before last week but didn’t want to presume there would be no session.

4 of the regulars were away in France skiing, another decided not to make the trip up from Edinburgh as it would, at any rate be quiet and so 2 more of us decided to go to the Kirriemuir session instead as we had not been in a long time and thought it would be a chance to catch up with those guys.

As that was 7 down then it limited the chance of a session. There are still others who go though so maybe the absence of our “magnetic personalities” had an effect. :-S

Never fear the session is still going strong and we will be along tomorrow in force - please come down. I will phone the bar now and apologise for any confusion caused.


Great session on tuesday just gone. It was nice to see some new faces making it down. 🙂

Speedwell session

Session cancelled tonight due to anaemic numbers. Back next week as normal though.

What a great wee tune we had tonight. Thanks to Jamie, Andy, Chris and Jennifer for coming down.

Well the Tuesday gone has to have been one of the best sessions in Mennies since it started. Lovely tunes and lovely players. It is really building up now with more regular players making it down. Yippee.

Yup.. …cheers for the tuesday tunes. They were great this week. And thanks for keeping it going through the lean patch while babies were being born etc…..!

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Update for Mennie’s

The session has been struggling on in recent weeks. Numbers have been down because the University is off term. We have decided to suspend the session until September when the students come back and reassess the situation then.

If anyone is around the Dundee/Perth area and is looking for a tune then do get in touch and we will see what we can do. 🙂

Mennies back on

After a few weeks off the session is back on tonight. Should be a good one. 🙂

is the Mennie’s session on this Tuesday? Might be passing through if so.

I do not know if I will be there for certain but there should be some folk down - I would hope so at any rate.

Mennies - Dundee

Session still going strong. Great one last night in fact.