The Golden Ace Inn

2533 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Going strong

As of mid-2003 this session is still going strong. Usually 7-12 musicians, some stuff intermediate, some feels advanced to me (which I am not!). Very friendly to newcomers who understand (or are willing to learn about) the tradition.

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Long Live the Golden Ace!!


The Golden Ace is at 2533 E. Washington St., two blocks east of Keystone on the south side of the street. The bar was founded in 1934 by the McGinley family of Donegal, and the sons of the founders operate it today, and are very active in both the Irish community and the wider community of Indianapolis.

The Tuesday session often starts a little earlier (say, half-seven ‘Irish time’…) and we rarely play later than 10:30 or 11pm. All players and listeners are welcome!

The Ace is a comfortable place with a small menu and (IMO) the best hamburgers around, handmade by Keith, one of the best barmen anywhere. The drink selection is not fancy, but there is Guinness and Powers whiskey!

From time to time the Ace holds small concerts and recent performances were held by Chulrua, Brigit’s Cross and Derek Warfield. (not all together… )

Singing and dancing

I forgot to mention…

Songs and dancers are most welcome.

There isn’t a lot of dance room, but we’d love to have you dance.

The Ace is great! Love love love it!

Re: The Golden Ace Inn

Great session! So glad that it’s kept going.

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Re: The Golden Ace Inn

Just to update, the Golden Ace is back!! Session is shifted to Wed. nights (Blue Grass on Thursdays). Advanced session, but everyone is welcome!

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Re: The Golden Ace Inn

Yup, we’re back, but after twenty plus years on Tuesdays, we’re on Wednesday nights now. When the faithful, hard-working McGinley family reopened after a lengthy Covid shutdown, they decided to only be open Wednesday through Saturday.

We get started around 8, go til 10:30, or later if things are uncommonly exciting.

Very occassionally we have to cancel, so if you’re making a special trip from a distance, call to be sure -- 317 632 0696