The Tiger Inn

Lairgate, Beverley, Yorkshire, England

Five comments

small, but perfectly formed!

A tunes session
Singing not encouraged
Intermediate standard

well, it actually exists! - A good session in east Yorkshire!!! there was a good mix of instruments and abilities when I went down, ged is a fine piper (your more than welcome at dylans next time your down), there was a good box player and some fiddlers there too. The session is in a small alcove of a pub which i personally think is a shame as any punters who want to listen have to squeeze into the corridor. the session would definatley benifit from having a bigger pub to play in but that’s a minor quibble. I had a great time and will certainly be back there again.

This session is now defunct. It has moved back to its original home The Woolpack on a Tuesday night.

The Tiger Inn

Traditional tunes English/Celtic every Friday night 9pm