O’Doherty’s Irish Grille

W. 525 Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane, Washington, USA

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Sessions at O’Doherty’s

Sessions start somewhere between 8pm and 9pm… whenever a lead instrument shows up. It usually goes until 11:30 or whenever all lead instrument players have left.

Watch for someone with a lead instrument to raise their leg for a second. That means that when this measure is finished, they’ll start a new song, preferably the same style as the last one.

Irish instruments are welcome. Guitars, too. ;) Deafening instruments aren’t. If you play percussion, etc., make sure it’s quiet enough for audience members to hear all of the other instruments, too… and this note is written by a bodhran player (so no offense intended).

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This is a fun session to go to. I was impressed at how encouraging the regulars are to invite new people in. Great session!

Just came to Spokane on business for the first time and am very glad I went to the O’Doherty’s session. Started at 9 till just after 11, and was warmly welcomed by a young group of talented musicians. Good variety of tunes (and genre) and singing. A really fun evening! -Tom

"on hiatus"

Visiting family in Spokane. Called to see if the session is still active and was told that the ASCAP thugs (my term, not theirs) were making life difficult and the session was "on hiatus".

Keep it traditional and tell the greedy bastards to kiss your ass. Make your own music and don’t buy theirs.

Sunday evenings as well

The session hours are being extended to Sunday evenings (8ish), as well as the regular Tuesdays (9ish, unless a lead instrument arrives even earlier).

A list of the traditional tunes the locals typically play can be found at http://spokanesessions.com/tunes.php in the column titled "Traditional Tunes Frequently Played."

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Re: O’Doherty’s Irish Grille

The hours we play are from seven until nine, only on Sunday nights.

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